Danish Architecture Guide

Pedestrian streets

Strøget is a continuous pedestrian street running from the central station to the cathedral and as such one of the most essential thoroughfares in the centre of Århus. The street surface has a black and grey granite tiling, which forms a striped pattern across the street. Lengthwise of the street water conduits on either side mark the boundaries of the areas that have been appropriated for street furniture. Along the facades sett paving has been laid to straighten out irregularities in the terrain, and thus make access to the shops completely plane.In connection with the renovation of Strøget entirely new furniture was put in: gratings, litterbins, benches and a new type of lamp providing both direct and indirect light, custom-made to Strøget.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 / By Kasper Egeberg

Last updated Wednesday, January 22, 2014