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Amagertorv belongs with the oldest thoroughfares in Copenhagen, as it would connect the village around Gammeltorv with the market place on Stranden by Nikolaj Plads. Many of the houses around the square are well-preserved renaissance houses. In 1894 Edvard Petersen and Vilhelm Bissen's sculpture, Storkespringvandet (the Stork Fountain) was raised in the square.

In 1962 the square was partly closed for traffic in connection with the establishing of pedestrian streets, and in 1993 the square was renovated and decorated by the artist Bjørn Nørgård. The square had a new paving with an exuberant pattern of granite pentagons in the colours: rose, yellow, black and grey. The very structure of the city in this spot has not changed since medieval times. Just like then Amagertorv is the city's central market place, a climax on today's lengthy market - Strøget.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 / By Kasper Egeberg

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