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Arne Jacobsens own house - Klampenborg

The house is part of the terrace houses, Søholm, South of Bellavista at Strandvejen in Klampenborg.

The houses are built in staggered rows and with the units divided by a middle section which makes each house stand out as an independent composition.
The buildings were erected between 1945 and 1953 in three stages, each with its own type of houses all designed by Arne Jacobsen.

The house was planned both as a private home and as a studio for Arne Jacobsen himself. He lived and worked in the house from 1951 and until his death in 1971.
Through his many different types of work from buildings to furniture and handicrafts, Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971) positioned himself strongly and personally in Danish architecture and design. The 18 terraced houses in the Søholm complex together with the Bellavista, the Bellevue Teatret and the Bellevue Badet in Klampenborg all contributed to giving Arne Jacobsen his international breakthrough.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 / By Kasper Egeberg

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