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Fæstningens Materielgård (The fortress’ equipmentbuilding)

In 1681 the Frederiksholm’s Canal was excavated and a new building complex for equipments was erected as a replacement of the old royal building complex for equipments situated in Rigensgade.

The first on-site building complex for equipments is now long gone, and the construction of the present complex building was begun in 1740 by building a new brick-built and rather posh home for the caretaker.

Today, the complex consists of 9 building units all inclusive, the reception area and the tool shed are newer, as they were built in 1995. The remaining 6 buildings were all constructed during the period 1748 to 1925.
The building complex appears homogeneous and is architecturally nicely attuned regardless yearlong coming of new buildings and functions. In all essentials, the complex consists of brick-built buildings with red roofs, yellow facades, green doors, and gates, and white windows.
Only the original warehouse toward Vester Voldgade was made with a timber frame.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 / By Kasper Egeberg

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