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Mountain Dwellings

Suburbs and typical areas with single-family houses clearly served as a source of inspiration for VM Bjerget (Mountain Dwellings), standing immediately next to the elevated Metro tracks in Ørestad City. The award-winning residential complex was built as a number of individual plots stacked on top of one another, cascading down a mountain slope where the roof of one flat is the garden of the one above. A gigantic parking area in striking colours inside the Mountain with room for as many as 650 cars gives residents direct access to their homes, while people in the neighbourhood avoid a parking lot. And indeed, there would not have been room for one on the densely built-up site, situated next to VM Husene.

The building was made for modern people who wish to combine the splendours of the suburban backyard with the social intensity of urban density. The suburban style is further highlighted by the building's position on the site, with all terraces facing towards the old single-family housing district on Western Amager. Thus the view from the Mountain is of back gardens, DIY extensions and red and white flags waving from flagpoles. On the other side of the Mountain, the style is not suburban, but a futuristic urban scene featuring the elevated Metro tracks and new, contemporary residential properties in Ørestad City.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 / By Kasper Egeberg

Last updated Wednesday, January 22, 2014