Danish Architecture Guide

Nyropsgade 18

With its extreme simplification the office building stands as a central work of Arne Jacobsen's and represents the American inspired modernism that he was an exponent of.
The house consists of an open glass structure and at the end an enclosed section with tile cladding. In the open part there are offices with light glass partitions and cabinets. In the enclosed section there are stairways, elevators and lavatories. On the upper storey there is a canteen with a terrace facing the courtyard. The open part is supported by columns one storey above the ground, and as the glass in the non-operable windows and the grey-green parapets have the same reflective features, the facade obtains a weight and intangibility that is only secured by the grid pattern of the sash bars. Under the floating house there is an access ramp to the courtyard and parking space.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 / By Kasper Egeberg

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