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Old Dock Warehouse (Danish Architecture Centre)

Gammel Dok Pakhus is situated right on the harbour front. Like the neighbouring building Eigtveds Pakhus (now the Ministry of Foreign Affairs), the gable of the ponderous warehouse is oriented towards the water; the warehouse is one of the most distinctive building profiles on Christianshavn - especially when approaching by Knippelsbro (bridge). The warehouse assumed its name after Denmark's first dry dock, which was built in 1739 between Eigtveds Pakhus and Gammel Dok Pakhus. In connection with the construction of Arkitekternes Hus (the Architect's House) in 1997, the plaza was renewed; the new layout shows historical references, and today the plaza is a well-defined urban space created as a mixture of new and old.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 / By Kasper Egeberg

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