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Seed Silo - Gemini Residence

The conversion of the seed silo in Copenhagen's Havnestad is a fine example of contemporary uses of former industrial buildings along Copenhagen's waterfront. The three silos: the Seed Silo, the Wennberg Silo and the Press Silo were all part of the gigantic Soya Been Cake Factory, once the biggest workplace in Copenhagen which spanned the full length of the waterfront on Islands Brygge. All three buildings have now been converted into exclusive apartments.

The original Seed Silo consisted of two raw, bare concrete cylinders 25 metres in diameter. This provided the biggest challenge: how to retain the authenticity of the silo and at the same time modernise it. It would have been difficult to cut large holes in the concrete structures, and if apartments had been located inside the silo cores, they would face inward, away from the surroundings and the view. So they were placed in ring-shaped additions on the outside of the two concrete cylinders, whose form is still visible at street level. The apartments have outer walls of glass and wide balconies, providing panoramic views of the harbour. Both silo cores were covered with a new type of climate screen made of transparent film. The screens form the ceiling over two grandiose stairwells and their round floors.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 / By Kasper Egeberg

Last updated Wednesday, January 22, 2014