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Sluseholmen is a canal town, composed of blocks arranged around semi-open courtyards. Bridges, wharfs and waterside steps provide proximity to the water.

The masterplan for Sluseholmen was devised by Dutch architects Sjoerd Soeters and Danish Arkitema in cooperation with the City of Copenhagen. The design of the district is governed by a number of architectural dogmas about varied building heights and appearance and position of buildings relative to the public spaces which include water, courtyards, bridges and roads.

The varied facades in Sluseholmen are intended to give every new resident a sense of belonging in one particular place in the new large district, namely behind the blue facade or in the house with the oblong windows and so on. At the same time the variations produce an element of surprise which means that one cannot embrace the entire district with one quick glance.

All courtyards are open and may be used as circulation routes by all residents. The old Valby Boat Club has been preserved for the time being since its vibrant life of yachtsmen and red boatsheds add a touch of local colour. The ultimate contrast is provided by the exclusive and futuristic Metropolis, built as a landmark at the tip of a peninsula. New harbour baths that will be open to all are to be built within a few years and will perhaps have a unifying effect on the district.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 / By Kasper Egeberg

Last updated Wednesday, January 22, 2014