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Square of our Lady

Frue Plads originally served as cemetery of Vor Frue Kirke (the Cathedral Church of Our Lady), and only to the west did the cemetery border directly on Nørregade. In the early Age of the Reformation Fiolstræde was carried through to Skindergade and Store Kannikestræde to Nørregade. After the bombardment in 1807 the cemetery was closed, and the square laid out. In 1853 the square had its present cobblestone paving with the beautiful, star-shaped limestone pattern. Along the wall of the University of Copenhagen there are busts of: Niels Bohr (1965), Japetus Steenstrup (1898), J.F. Schouw (1875), H.N. Clausen (1880), J.N. Madvig (1887), and Vilh. Thomsen (1929).

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 / By Kasper Egeberg

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