Danish Architecture Guide

The Copenhagen Metro

The Metro consists of three lines; and a fourth is under construction (2010). The trains run in tunnels, open ditches, on elevated tracks and embankments.
All underground stations are constructed to a uniform design. A rectangular box was excavated from street level, and the sides of the box braced by a pile foundation. Transversal concrete beams support the entire construction. Double escalators lead down to the platforms which are open, bright rooms. 
Daylight is guided all the way down to the platforms through oblique, pyramid-shaped skylights at street level. Apart from the pyramids the only sign of the underground Metro at street level is a glass lift tower, a semi-circular glass parapet around the descending staircase and an information signpost with the characteristic M.
The elevated stations are also made to a uniform design built as steel structures that carry platforms and roof. The roof is made of glass, as are the waiting rooms and lifts.
The fourth and final phase of the Metro, the City Circle Ring, is still in the planning stage.

Knud Holscher Design had designed information signposts and Mollerup Designlab the visual identity.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 / By Kasper Egeberg

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