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The National Gallery of Denmark (SMK) Gardens

The gardens in front of the National Gallery of Denmark are to be restructured. The meticulous, baroque-style gardens will be transformed into a green, pulsating meeting place, with plenty of room for art to go grazing.

The idea is to open up the Gallery's gardens, both on the city side and on the side facing the green Østre Anlæg park, which is located behind the National Gallery of Denmark. The gardens will become a wide open, verdant breathing space in the city, where people can hang out and enjoy art in a public park. One of the main goals of the new gardens is to move art out of the Gallery and into the public space, allowing visitors to encounter art in a totally different setting, and on a completely different scale. The gardens will provide a perfect space for the presentation of XXXL-size art.

The young Danish design practice Polyform have been given the responsibility of unfettering the enormous potential of the Gallery's 7,500 square metres and guiding "SMK back to the park", as the title of the project makes clear. The new Gallery gardens are also part of an even greater ambition to create cohesion and continuity between all the Park museums and will make it easier to move from one park to another, and from one museum to the next.

The restructuring of the Gallery gardens is in full swing and completion is expected in 2014. 

Wednesday, January 08, 2014 / By Kasper Egeberg

Last updated Tuesday, February 11, 2014