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The Playhouse

There is general agreement that the new Playhouse of The Royal Theatre is an exceptionally elegant building. Dark brickwork, warm wood, copper and glass are perfectly attuned on the exterior of the building. A sense of harmony thus leads the audience into the open café and restaurant and further into the largest of the three auditoriums at the heart of the building. Here the panoramic view to the waterfront is replaced with an air of intimacy that reinforces the feeling of closeness between the audience and the performers, even when all 650 seats are filled.

The facade of the house is dominated by a continuous upper storey hovering over the broad harbour promenade that runs around the complete perimeter of the building and is used as an outdoor serving area in the summer. In this way the Playhouse has already after its first year injected new life into the central part of the inner harbour that forms the continuation of Nyhavn. The house has three auditoriums all designed to satisfy modern practical and technical requirements for stage work behind the scenes. The location and function of the Playhouse has made it possible to incorporate a number of sustainable technical solutions, using for instance seawater and surplus heating from the auditoriums to reduce energy consumption.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 / By Kasper Egeberg

Last updated Wednesday, January 22, 2014