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Thomas B. Thriges Gade

A walk through Odense Centre offers a lot of beautiful spaces and squares, but is also slightly disturbed by the presence of Thomas B. Thriges Gade - Odenses' noisy big brother, a four-lane, highly congested road, which has split Odense city centre in two since the 1960s.

But all that is now going to change, as the Municipality of Odense currently stands on the brink of an historic transformation as part of the vision:FROM STREET TO THE CITY, with the backing of Realdania. The objective is a cohesive, sustainable and dense Odense, with the spotlight on urban life, as it develops from a large Danish town into a real Danish city.

The objective is the creation of a new urban area, which will inject some vibrant urban life into Odense The master plan involves the provision of better public transport and the connection of new districts to the city. This means that housing, shops, offices, light rail, car parks and public spaces together will create the setting for a sustainable and vibrant neighbourhood. The future will see four different districts and ten public spaces with new houses and workplaces, and an interconnected network of passageways, promenades and plazas.

There is also a plan to create better parking facilities with the construction of two underground car parks with focus on aesthetics and usability for the benefit of the users.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014 / By Kasper Egeberg

Last updated Friday, April 25, 2014