Digitally Disturbed

A digital exhibition project, which challenged the “disturbance” caused by digital technologies and generates new conditions for urban space, architecture and life in general.

Exhibition Period 11 October 2013 - 20 October 2013
Show on map Location Danish Architecture Centre


Digital technologies play a major role in shaping and orchestrating our urban surroundings. The digital city witnesses new connections between art and architecture, and between everyday life, information and technology. The digital world merges with the analogue and releases new options for both our development and that of the city. 

Part of Nordic Outbreak

Digitally Disturbed was a digital exhibition project, which challenged the "disturbance" caused by digital technologies and generates new conditions for urban space, architecture and life in general. Works in the exhibition were part of the digital art and video installation project, Nordic Outbreak, which was launched in New York earlier this year year.   

See Björk's 'Mutual Core' video from Nordic Outbreak in Times Square, New York City:  

Works in the exhibition

The exhibition in the Danish Architecture Centre consisted of a façade installation, digital projections and video installations created by eight Nordic artists, all of whom have various perspectives on space, perception and urban identity.

The works were distributed over several floors, both inside and outside the building, thus occupying all sorts of spaces and situations, in which visitors could interact with the works on various different terms. 

Egill Sæbjörnsson (ICE), façade installation
Site-specific, video-mapping projection, involving sound specially designed for the façade of DAC.

NB! The façade installation only operated for the opening day on 10 October and on 11 October.


Eva Olsson (SWE), On Non-Freehold Property (2011)

An uncanny digital focus on the single-family house is the setting of a story about everyday life in our Modern western society.   





Jessica Faiss (SWE), Rewind (2011)

The sky and the road make a confluent vanishing point in this endless urban journey towards infinity recorded on the way to Narita airport in Tokyo one early morning in December.




Landskaber_web.jpgMogens Jacobsen (DK), Landskaber (2006/2007)

A landscape viewed through the window of a train traveling at high speed, merges the passing sky and fields into an abstract pattern of lines until the horizon is reversed.




Transitions_web.jpgPernille With Madsen (DK), Transition (2008-2009)

Dialectic between high-tech digital aesthetics and low-tech practice is explored in this video, disturbing your sense of order and making you dizzy.





Sigurdur Gudjónsson (ICE), Veil (2012)

This moving, cinematic video documents the windy landscape and the characteristic black sand by the Skeiðarársandu in Iceland.



Everywhere_web.jpgSøren Thilo Funder (DK), Everywhere (2007)

A video game character runs around restless in a deserted, seemingly never ending urban landscape. Is he on his way or lost?       




Vibeke Jensen_Sleeper CellVibeke Jensen (NO), SLEEPER_CELL (2003/2013)

As a study of the ubiquitous monitoring of our urban reality, the artist has filmed events and non-events outside her apartment window in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.




Digitally Disturbedis part of the Nordic Outbreak touring exhibition program presented by Streaming Museum and DAC.

Digitally Disturbedhas been developed by the Danish Architecture Centre in collaboration with Streaming Museum in New York. The exhibition has been curated in close discussion with Tanya Toft and Jacob Lillemose.

The exhibition was supported by Realdania, the Danish Arts Council, the Oticon Foundation, the Nordic Culture Fund and Nordic Culture Point.

The works in Digitally Disturbed were previously presented as part of the digital arts and video installation project, Nordic Outbreak, at Streaming Museum, and launched as urban space installations in New York in spring 2013. Nordic Outbreak is a touring exhibition project, which in autumn 2013 visited the Nordic countries. The project explores contemporary trends in live images from the Nordic art scene, and focuses on how digital art can involve the city in new ways. >> Read more here

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