Behind the Green Door

The renowned Belgian curator group Rotor invite the audience to join them on a playful journey through the impact of sustainability on architecture, while taking a both affectionate and critical look at sustainability and green solutions.

Exhibition Period 7 February 2014 - 9 June 2014
Show on map Location Danish Architecture Centre


Photo: Marte Garmann 

The two smaller exhibitions,The Banality of Good and Shifts, is closing on 25th of May. The main exhibition Behind the Green Door is on display until 8th of June.

600 allegedly sustainable objects from the past 30 years

The exhibition is composed of 600 alleged sustainable objects from architectural offices, companies and environmental organisations from all over the world, which the Belgian curator group have collected over a period of several years. All these items claim to be sustainable, but in Rotor's interpretation this is a temporary truth, and nothing is clear-cut.

Visitors will encounter all sorts of objects: from the solar-powered lawn mower and energy-saving façades to sustainable work clothes and the table shaped according to the grain of the wood.

"The exhibition is open ended. Visitors are not offered a single narrative that ties everything together. There is no imposed sequence, not one overarching perspective from which to look at things, not one conclusion to be drawn. The exhibition doesn't want to convince the visitor to live his or her life more sustainably, but instead wants to show how the concept of sustainability operates as a powerful agent of change in today's world." (Lionel Devlieger from Rotor)

Sustainability as a label

Visitors will be introduced to the paradoxes, which crop up, as soon as you stick the "sustainability" label on something. The many objects are categorised partly by subject, and partly in a chronological order, starting 30 years ago, which winds its way through the exhibition rooms.

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Events about sustainabilty

The exhibition at the Danish Architecture Centre will be supplemented by a number of different events on the subject of sustainability.

Oslo Architecture Triennale 2013

The exhibition is a new, Scandinavian-oriented version of the main exhibition at the 2013 Oslo Architecture Triennale.

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The presentation of Behind the Green Door at the Danish Architecture Centre is sponsored by Realdania.

Monday, February 03, 2014 / By Kasper Egeberg

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