Reprogramming The City

The big exhibition in The Danish Architecture Centre, "Reprogramming The City - Opportunities for Urban Infrastructure" was curated by urban strategist and writer Scott Burnham, who explores a new paradigm of urban creativity and resourcefulness.

Exhibition Period 1 October 2014 - 4 January 2015
Show on map Location Danish Architecture Centre

Interview with the curator of the exhibition Scott Burnham

Curated by urban strategist and writer Scott Burnham, Reprogramming The City explored a new paradigm of urban creativity and resourcefulness. Here, the hardware of the city was treated as a platform of opportunity, and infrastructure not as the end result of a previous creative process, but the beginning of a new one, creating better cities for people.The city holds a vast amount of untapped ability. The structures, surfaces, objects and systems that underpin its daily operations have the potential to do more: to perform an alternate function, to encourage human interaction or assume an entirely new role in the mechanism of the city.

Reprogramming the City 01.jpg

Photo: Kristian Ridder-Nielsen

Reprogramming The City is an expanded version of the exhibition's first appearance at the Boston Society of Architects BSA Space Gallery.

Reprogramming the City 03.jpg

Photo:  Kristian Ridder-Nielsen

Exhibition catalogue

>> See exhibition catalogue (PDF)

Pictures from the exhibition and the exhibited projects

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The exhibition was supported by Realdania. Metroselskabet, AFA JCDecaux and Juliana was collaborators in the exhibition.

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