Family Exhibition: On the Top of The Mountain

Snøhetta is a mountain in Norway. It is also the name of the most talked-about architectural firm in Scandinavia. At this exhibition you could bring your children to the family exhibition, On Top of the Mountain. Explore Snøhetta’s workshop and have a go at building your own 3D architectural landscape models.

Exhibition Period 19 June 2015 - 27 September 2015
Show on map Location Danish Architecture Centre

Børneudstilling - i Snøhettas værksted

Foto: Kristian Ridder-Nielsen

How does an architect get a building to melt into the landscape? In the exhibition, 'On Top of the Mountain' on the second floor of the Danish Architecture Centre, you and your family could enter a Snøhetta landscape of mountains, clouds, beehives and houses. It was an opportunity to explore and experience how the architectural firm, Snøhetta, go about building houses in landscapes - not only for people, but for animals too.

Then you had an opportunity to build your very own 3D Snøhetta architectural model in diorama landscapes. The diorama helps make our models come to life: the light can change from day to night and things can move around.

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