This is your living room!

Where do you go when your living room isn’t big enough for a party? Or you need a place outside to chill or exercise?

Instagram your favourite spots in Copenhagen with #UrbanHangout, #UrbanParty or #UrbanExercise and get your picture pinned on the official UrbanMap. Remember to tag the location on your picture and use one of the three hashtags plus #OurUrbanLivingRoom! Your Instagram profile must be open for the picture to appear on the map. Psst… it's okay to tag older pictures on Instagram for instance from this summer.

The official UrbanMap will be a part of the exhibition 'Our Urban Living Room' at the Danish Architecture Centre from the 14th of October - 8th of January.  At the exhibition you'll experience how the architects at Cobe design spaces (like this one) which can become an extended home, an extended living room!

>> Read more about Our Urban Living Room here


Urbanmap: #OurUrbanLivingRoom
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