DAC& LEARNING offers instruction in architecture at and around Danish Architecture Centre. Danish Architecture Centre offers education for children, young, adults and families in the shape of city walks, architecture educational material, e-learning and education in connection with exhibitions.

Why teach architecture?

- Architecture is a part of our identity and constitutes the framework for our lives.
- Architectural insight provides an understanding and respect for our surroundings and the tools to take part in democratic processes.
- Architecture is an interdisciplinary subject that deals with our relationship to nature, the environment, climate change, culture, religion, politics, economics and social conditions.
- Architecture can be experienced with all our senses and talks straight to our emotions.
- Architecture is innovation - learning about architecture also includes learning about a creative industry and process based work methods.

With the above answers in mind DAC& LEARNING offers the following:



BoerneWorkShopDAC2a_134Education in connection with exhibitions
We offer courses for different age groups in connection with Danish Architecture Centre's temporary exhibitions.  The activities are suited to varying target groups depending on the type of exhibition and wherever possible the courses include hands-on activities for children.  The courses can also be conducted in English. 

Copenhagencity trails
We arrange historic city trails in a range of areas around Copenhagen, for primary schools, high schools, upper secondary schools and business schools.  The city trails for younger children focus on experiencing the city and using the senses.  Contact us for detailed information.



Teacher seminars etc
The seminars act as inspiration sources for teaching architecture and also promote and introduce DAC's range of teaching materials and projects.

Workshops with pupils in schools and in local areas
Workshop series are carried out in (the) various regions and municipalities in Denmark and focus on the local areas' teaching potential and aims for a better understanding of local urban planning. The series are supplemented with existing DAC& LEARNING materials.



Teaching materials
We have developed a series of free teaching materials on architecture for primary and upper secondary school pupils. One example is the digital teaching aid on www.dac.dk/arksite (in Danish). The pupils and teachers are introduced to the history of architecture as well as to an interdisciplinary approach to architecture. The teaching materials are currently available in Danish only.



KirkeMaaling_134The education service is involved in a series of educational networks and collaborations on a national and international level, e.g.:

School Service,an Danish educational service institution that develops, organizes and implements teaching for school classes in museums and other cultural institutions in the metropolitan area.

The work group for teaching architecture and design to childrenat the Children Culture Network/ Danish Ministry of Culture.

PLAYCE - an international network of architecture education professionals, focusing on broadening the field by, for example, developing proposals for teaching series that can be easily accessed via the website.

We take part in and give presentations at conferences in Denmark and abroad and visit other architecture centres and museums on study trips to collect and develop new ideas for educational projects in a Danish context. We gladly accept suggestions from Denmark and the rest of the world regarding potential collaborative projects and knowledge exchange within the field.



If you would like to make a city trail reservation or book a teaching workshop in connection with an exhibition, please email or phone: tourbooking@dac.dk, + 45 2096 9342

Please contact us at least one week prior to the required date.

Information and guidance
If you would like information about our projects, require specialist guidance or if you have a good idea for new activities or possible collaborative projects, please email or phone:

Pia Rost Rasmussen
+45 3264 5488

Last updated Tuesday, May 09, 2017