Guided Tours in the Exhibition 'Studio Mumbai - in between the sun and the moon'

In the midst of the cold, grey, Danish winter you can escape on a sensuous trip to India! What does Indian contemporary architecture look like? What traditions does it build on? Experience the Indian architectural firm Studio Mumbai that challenges the contradictions between tradition and modernity, city and countryside and insists on the importance of genius loci.


Photo: Saath Rasta

Every Sunday during the exhibition of 'Studio Mumbai - in between the sun and the moon', Danish Architecture Centre host a free guided tour in English. Join the tours to learn more about the fascinating contemporary Indian architechture of Studio Mumbai.

India is the world's third largest economy and the world's second most populous country. In the exhibition the founder of Studio Mumbai, Bijoy Jain shares his view of India and gives an insight into the philosophy, inspirations and workflow of Studio Mumbai - something that can challenge our Western outlook. For example the company consists mostly of artisans who, together with a few architects, prepare prototypes in scale 1:1 which gives a totally different way of testing things.

Studio Mumbai has especially worked with housing in India and their work is closely linked to the local context and the genius loci (spirit of the place). They focus on the use of local materials, craftsmanship, building techniques, etc.  An understanding of the landscape and the specific climatic conditions  is crucial for them in order to be able to create buildings that fit the local context - eg buildings that can withstand the heavy monsoons.

Our professional guides will lead you through the exhibition and give you the stories behind the fascinating architectural firm, their philosophy and their work.

Guided Tours in the Exhibition 'Studio Mumbai - in between the sun and the moon'
Date Every Sunday from the 14th of January to the 6th of March
Time Guided tour in English: 14.00
Show on map Location Danish Architecture Centre
Price Free when the entrance is paid
Contact Person Gitte Mathiasen

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