BLOX: Behind the Façade (the design and construction of the façade)

BLOX features over 50 different types of façade, each of which has its own purpose and aesthetic. Work on the design of the façades went on right from the start of the BLOX project back in 2008, when the feasibility study was presented in an exhibition at the Danish Architecture Centre.


BLOX' façade, Photo: the Danish Architecture Centre

Oliver Wong, design manager of BLOX, and Casper Graae Gottlieb, Züblin's contract manager, will take us on a tour 'behind the façade'.

The BLOX visit will give specialist visitors a behind-the-scenes insight into the construction, assembly, process and design of the BLOX façade.

BLOX is materialising on the waterfront - with its distinctive shape and green façade. We will enjoy a close-up view of the structure of the façade, the design of the different types of façade and the actual assembly. The building's location on the waterfront with a promenade flush with the harbour, and with a direct view into the Danish Architecture Centre's secured exhibition spaces, made huge demands on the façade in terms of safety. There were very strict requirements for the façades along the Christians Brygge approach road in terms of their soundproofing properties. The road cuts through the building, and the transparent façades in themselves are both attractive and functional: visibility and thermal envelope.

The building's façade element has been one of the key stages in the construction of BLOX. This is due to the countless individual types of façade on the building: a significant consequence of the many demands placed on the building in terms of architectural quality and function.

During spring 2017, the building will be completely closed, after which the finish of the façade sections will proceed.

OBS: The event will be conducted in English.

BLOX_profilbillede_OliverOliver Wong
Design Manager of BLOX





Casper Graae Gottlieb
Züblin's Contract Manager



Practical information

  • The event will kick off with presentations in the BLOX showroom. We will then proceed to the construction site.
  • Safety gear will be compulsory.
  • To conclude the event we will return to the showroom for refreshments.

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BLOX: Behind the Façade (the design and construction of the façade)
Date 3 April 2017
Time 15:30-18:00
Location BLOX
Frederiksholms Kanal 30
Bygning A, 1. sal
1220 København K
Price 195 DKK
Organiser The Danish Architecture Centre - in collaboration with Realdania By & Byg og Züblin
Contact Person Ingelise Ihle Andersson

Monday, April 03, 2017 / By Linda Rogberg

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