BLOX: Underground Tour

BLOX is now admitting specialist visitors into the car park. We will learn about the excavation, the technology behind the car park, the concrete work and the complexity of this phase of the construction.

BLOX parkeringskælder

Foto: Peter Rasmussen

16 metres underground: this is the deepest point below BLOX. This is the location of the three-level underground car park. With room for 350 cars, this fully automated car park will relieve the pressure on surface parking in the area. Anders Brüel, Project Manager of Realdania By & Byg, and Claus Baumann, Project Manager of Züblin, will take us on an underground tour. 

Anders Bruel

Anders Brüel
Projektleder i Realdania By & Byg



Claus Baumann

Claus Baumann
Projektchef i Züblin



 There are fully automated car parks in many foreign cities. They are popular because they save space, cut down on surface parking and create greater peace of mind for users. Removing parked cars from street level creates more space for pedestrians and cyclists. In particular it paves the way for the creation of new, outdoor recreational spaces. The construction of the basement beneath BLOX has been particularly demanding. Partly because the basement is located right next to the harbour basin and impacted by constant water pressure, and partly because the excavation was done around the existing road, on which 25,000 cars drive every day.

OBS: The event will be conducted in Danish 

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BLOX: Underground Tour
Date 21 March 2017
Time 15:30-18:00
Show on map Location BLOX
Frederiksholms Kanal 30
Bygning A, 1. sal
1220 København K
Price 195 DKK
Organiser The Danish Architecture Centre in collaboration with Realdania By & Byg and Züblin
Contact Person Ingelise Ihle Andersson

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