Sprout Talent Week

Sprout Talent Week is that one week, once a year, where students and young professionals from multiple disciplines work in close corporation in an innovation lab that spans the country.

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Students and young professionals together challenge, improve and invent new ways to create sustainable solutions to real challenges from the industries of architecture, construction, urban development and other related areas. These challenges come from municipalities, companies and organizations etc.

This year's Sprout Talent Week takes place from October 29rd to November 3rd 2017 and there will be 60 interdisciplinary sprouters' creating sustainable solutions to three different current cases.

The overall theme for Sprout Talent Week is sustainable development, and with the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals in mind, the sprouters' interdisciplinary cooperation will inspire the development of future solutions in the industry of architecture, construction and urban development.

This is your chance of putting your fingerprints on future solutions! You don't want to miss out on this opportunity!


As participant in Sprout Talent Week you will take part in one of the following three cases. You will receive the exact program for your specific case when Talent Week approaches. We promise that the programs will be totally filled from October 29th to November 3th- and it will be a week of cross disciplinary and social events.

Case#1 Activation of Kolding å - Kolding Business Group
Area development and unifying city life

Case#2 Brøndby Stadium 365 days a year - Brøndby IF
Area transformation and supporting everyday life

Case#3 Healing architecture in the landscape - Faaborg-Midtfyn Municipality and Bramstrup Estate
Designing healing architecture

Read more about the three cases here.

NB: When you make your purchase you will be asked to make a case priority based on the numbers 1-3 in which no. 1 is your chosen favorite. The grouping of teams will be based on interdisciplinary competences in order to get as many perspectives working on the case as possible. Thus, putting the case team together is not possible before all participants have announced their priorities. We will send you information about which case you are assigned one month in advance.


Do you have any questions please contact
Senior Project Manager Anne Grave: agr@dac.dk +45 2485 7734



Sprout Talent Week
Date From the 29th of October - 3rd of November 2017
Show on map Location Danish Architecture Centre
Contact Person Anne Grave

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