C. F. Møller Architects is designing National Diabetes Centre in Riyadh

First major healthcare project outside Europe for the Danish company.

Saudi Arabia is systematically strengthening its healthcare sector and has now commissioned a significant extension to the King Khaled University Hospital at King Saud University, the oldest and most prestigious university in Riyadh. C. F. Møller Architects is designing the new 16.000 m2 National Diabetes Centre.

The National Diabetes Centre will be a national institution for diabetes, containing research and central functions, as well as treatment for complicated cases. It will in effect be a miniature hospital, with outpatient facilities, radiology, a large polyclinics department, bed wards, and counselling and education.

Partner and architect Klavs Hyttel states: "The Diabetes Centre is our first major healthcare project outside Europe, and it has been important for us to prioritize daylight, quality materials and spatial quality along with logistics, operations and hygiene. A diabetes centre is for recurring treatment, it is a place you return to - so the building has to offer a positive experience. With this centre, we have managed to achieve a sense of universality derived from our clear, Nordic approach, even in a country which is otherwise climatically and culturally quite different from our everyday Scandinavian environment."

Source: C. F. Møller Architects

Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014