Copenhagen Solutions on display in Hong Kong

Today was the official opening of Hong Kong Business of Design Week 2012 attended by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik and Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary.

Hong Kong Business of Design Week 2012 is Asia's largest and most prestigious design event. Denmark is a partner nation for this year's HKBoDW, which is held on 3-8 December 2012.

HKBoDW's official opening was attended by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik and Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary.

The City of Copenhagen wants to become the first carbon neutral capital in the world by 2025. And Copenhagen is already well on its way. Demonstrating Copenhagen's many sustainable initiatives, the contribution to the Business of Design Week 2012, COPENHAGEN SOLUTIONS, offers inspiration to policy makers, developers and architects worldwide. With its extensive and efficient district heating network, bridges only for cyclists and pedestrians and an ambitious Climate Action Plan, Copenhagen is a good place to look for inspiration when it comes to creating greener cities.

One of the exhibited projects is the Copenhagen Harbour Bath on Islands Brygge, which can be seen as the the result of long-term strategic planning and system solutions developed in innovative clusters. An example that has meant both increased life quality in the harbor and helped fires Copenhagen and thereby Denmark as standard-bearer of innovative design solutions for visionary and sustainable urban planning.


Islands Brygge Harbour Bath, Copenhagen. Photo: Kontraframe

At the Business of Design Week 2012 a partnership between the City of Copenhagen, Realdania and the Danish Architecture Centre presents a wide range of initiatives and projects that are transforming Copenhagen. Among them are revitalization of old industrial areas, new urban areas full of innovative architecture and sustainable district heating and cooling. One of the exhibited projects 

Pictures from Copenhagen Solutions in Hong Kong

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The exhibition COPENHAGEN SOLUTIONS is developed by the Danish Architecture Centre for COPENHAGEN SOLUTIONS - a public, private partnership of the City of Copenhagen and Realdania.

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