Welcome to our new website

The Danish Architecture Centre has a new website. Read more

Welcome to The Danish Architecture Centre's new website, where you will find all the content you know - and a lot more to come.

New public platforms and new names
The biggest change on the new dac.dk is that we have gathered all our offers in three "strategic public platforms": DAC& LIFE, DAC& BUILD and DAC& CITIES; each with an individual area on dac.dk.

Each public platform or channel gathers and markets knowledge for specific target groups and contains activities that focus on satisfying and meeting specifically the interests and needs of these target groups. You can compare the channels with TV channels such as DR1, DR2 and DRK.

Furthermore, the café (DAC& CAFÉ), the bookstore (DAC& BOOKS/SHOP), the meeting and conference centre (DAC& MEETING) and the teaching service (DAC& LEARNING) also have their own areas at dac.dk.

You will experience that a number of areas and access points have relocated and it might require some getting used to in the beginning. We hope that you will find new usable ways to access the sites that you usually use and you may be inspired to visit other sites.

New logo and new web strategy
The Danish Architecture Centre developed a new communication strategy and graphic identity in the end of 2011. In the course of spring 2012, both have become more visible e.g. on our posters and in our adds - and now also at dac.dk.

The new website is a step on the way of our new web strategy; the purpose of which is partly to establish partnerships and networks with other relevant websites and media and partly to create greater synergy between The Danish Architecture Centre's many digital offers.

Merging several websites
The purpose of the new website is to create greater synergy between the many various web offers of The Danish Architecture Centre and thus we are merging several of our websites in this new common platform for The Danish Architecture Centre.

In the first round it is the old dac.dk and large parts of the contents from the Copenhagen X website cphx.dk that now have merged. From now on, you will thus be able to find the Copenhagen X project gallery, Podwalks, Architecture Run and much more under DAC& LIFE.

In September, more of The Danish Architecture Centre's websites will move to the new common dac.dk.

To read more go to Danish Architecture Centre's new logo and channels

New news site
The network with other media will to begin with be visible on the new news site where we highlight other relevant blogs, articles and news about architecture, buildings and cities. Here, central topics in our field are discussed, e.g.: Where is architecture communication going? How to create the best models for networks and partnerships in building? How do we develop the sustainable cities of the future? Therefore we would like to hear from strong professional profiles that are willing to take a stand in a current debate, be available for interviews or possibly write debate piece themselves.

This also means that we will not as before bring press releases as part of our own news but instead link to the news of others. For more information please contact the editors.

Questions and comments
The website is still under development and needs quite a few elements, for instance the website is not yet optimized for smartphones, iPad and tablets, but we are working on it.

If you have questions, comments or notifications to the new dac.dk feel free to contact the web editors:
Sidsel Hartlev sha@dac.dk or Kasper Egeberg ke@dac.dk.


Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014