Smart Cities is the way to sustainable cities

The new report “Danish Smart Cities: Sustainable living in an urban world” by Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster provides a good overview of Danish Smart City competencies.

Smart_Cities_report_250x400.jpg"In general, Denmark has a really good opportunity to become smarter," says Søren Smidt-Jensen, senior project manager in the Danish Architecture Centre and one of the interviewed experts in the report. "We are willing to contribute to society by sharing information, and we see the greater good in doing so. I think that is more difficult in other countries."

Smart Cities is the way to sustainable cities

Søren Smidt-Jensen thinks the concept of the Smart City has become popular because there is a limit to the more traditional approaches to sustainability represented by the sustainable city or ECO city concepts: "The way I see it, the Smart City approach is a way of developing a sustainable city. It is possible to get a long way in terms of developing sustainable cities using more traditional planning tools. However, the more high-tech solutions which are part of Smart City thinking are also necessary."

The digital Danes

The report concludes that Denmark is in a unique position when it comes to realizing the Smart City vision, not least due to a leading industry within key technologies, such as smart grid, wind turbines, and smart building materials. Secondly, the digital infrastructure of the Danish society is very well developed, and will become even more developed in the years to come, as the government together with the regions and municipalities are working strategically on the digitalization of Danish society. The Danish citizens are already among the most frequent users of the internet, smart phones, and social networks in the entire EU.

Denmark - an ideal test market

All these factors make Danish cities an ideal test market for new smart technologies and solutions. The report provides four recommendations for foreign companies wishing to be part of Danish Smart City developments. See the recommendations in the conclusions of the report.

Danish and international case studies

The report contains case studies from international cities working with smart solutions like Singapore, Rio de Janeiro and Amsterdam, and also a number of Danish cities like Copenhagen and Aarhus, the island Bornholm and Öresund Region.

The report also contains a rich link list to Danish and international ressources and information on Smart Cities.

Download the report

"Danish Smart Cities: Sustainable living in an urban world" by Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster (PDF)

The interviewed experts and contributors to the report are:

Tyge Kjaer, Associate Professor at the Department of Environmental, Social and Spatial Change at Roskilde University; Jonas Kroustrup, Project Manager at the Smart Region project in the Central Denmark Region; Claus Bjoern Billehoj, Head of Division at the City of Copenhagen's Department of International Affairs and Sustainable City Development; Kurt Othendal Nielsen, City Account Manager at Siemens' Infrastructure and Cities Section; Søren Smidt-Jensen, Senior Project Manager at the Danish Architecture Centre, who among other things is responsible for the online platform; Trygve Skjotskift, Senior Manager at Accenture; and Line Gerstrand Knive, Consultant at the Municipality of Aarhus and member of the secretariat of the Smart Aarhus initiative.

See also the former issue #2 of Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster about Smart Cities (PDF)

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Last updated Tuesday, January 21, 2014