Nordic Cities - A Look at Their Success Story

In the Nordic countries we are known for social welfare, and Nordic cities rank high in the world in terms of sustainable solutions and “liveability.” From 1 to 3 October, you can learn more, and take part in the debate about the countless innovative measures, which underpin their sustainable successes, at a conference taking place simultaneously in Copenhagen and Malmö.

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The conference is being held in a major Northern European intersection, where the Oresund Bridge transforms Copenhagen and Malmö into an important Nordic Metropolis, when it comes to sustainable urban development. This stunning location provides an obviously interesting setting for the conference's debates and excursions: e.g. to Ørestad and Malmö's West Harbour.

The three conference days will debate the following topics:

- Bridging Economies- investments in green urban development

- The Nordic Metropolis- a super model for green growth and regional integration

- Sharing the Nordic Urban Model

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Meet renowned professionals from all over the world
During the conference there will be a variety of renowned speakers from around the world, who all have their own perspective on cities and development for the future. The themes to be discussed during the three days range from political and economic strategies and integrated and creative urban development to happiness research. Speakers include:

Claus Billehøj is Director of the Capital Region of Denmark. He has been responsible for the municipal part of the Nordhavn project, which will be the new CO2-neutral district of Copenhagen. Claus Billehøj has been part of the city's green growth, the goal being to be completely CO2 neutral by 2025.


Peter Head is a renowned civil and structural engineer and CEO of the global consulting firm, Arup. He was involved in the influential Dongtan Eco City Planning Project (China), and in 2011 established a foundation (The Ecological Sequestration Trust) to demonstrate how to create significant improvement in energy, water and food security on a regional scale.


Charles Landry is the author of the bookThe Creative City: A Toolkit for Urban Investors. The concept of ​​the creative city has been the starting point for a global movement for innovation in the area of urban development. Charles Landry's creative city is all about thinking holistically and inventively in the development of a city.


Jan Gehl is known for his human approach to cities, where the spaces and life between houses is reflected by architecture. Jan Gehl's is a humanistic form of urban planning, in which cities are organised on the basis of pedestrians.


Interview with Jan Gehl


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Study trips have been planned in both Copenhagen and Malmö, along with dinners and debates with the speakers. You can take part in everything - or in selected events.

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The conference has been organised by the Nordic Urban Forum (NUF), which comprises the Danish Architecture Centre, Nordic City Network (NCN) and the International Federation for Housing and Planning (IFHP), which was established as a platform for global discussion, knowledge sharing and collaboration between cities. The conference,Sharing Cities - Bridging Regionsis NUF's very first initiative.


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