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As much as half of the world’s food production is wasted before it reaches the plate. Restaurant Rub & Stub in Copenhagen has chosen to battle this problem and has started cooperating with various food stores and manufacturers which are providing surplus goods to the sustainable restaurant.

Restaurant Rub & Stub in Copenhagen is the first concept of its kind in Europe, which serves food made of surplus goods from the food industry. The sustainable restaurant seeks to turn the industry's hidden waste into profit for all, and through creative dishes inspire the costumers to a debate about food waste. Rub & Stub is run by a voluntary workforce and the economic surplus is given to charity.

The concept does not include garbage but deals with fresh food, which the stores are unable to sell for different reasons. This could be vegetables with aesthetic faults, single bananas without a cluster, surplus of season specific food or other kinds of surplus because of lack of storage space.

The initiators behind the concept are surprised about how few restaurants with similar concepts there are in the world. During the first month after launching the concept, the news about the restaurant appeared in media all over the world and to this day the Antarctic seems to be the only place missing the story.    

Spisehuset Rub&Stub

Photo: Restaurant Rub & Stub

Half of the world's food is going to waste

Between 30-50 per cent of the world's food production never makes it to the plate, according to a report made last year by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, UK. The number one cause of food waste is considered to revolve around looks and aesthetics. Fruit and vegetables cannot have spots or strange shapes for them to be sold in the stores. Furthermore insufficient planning, infrastructure and storage, as well as multi-buy promotions and bargains we don't really need and never end up eating, are huge contributors to food waste.    

In Rub & Stub they seek to challenge these causes of food waste by using the food no matter the looks and by serving smaller dishes, in return they offer an extra portion to those who can eat it. I addition, creativity is a huge focus in the kitchen, in order for the restaurant to be able to use all the sponsored food and create the least waste themselves.

Even though the restaurant had a rough start last year, with challenges during negotiations of supplier agreements among others, the concept was a success from the beginning. During January the restaurant has been closed due to renovations in the kitchen, but it opens again this Thursday the 30th of January. The restaurant has also made enough profit to expand the kitchen staff and the opening hours, from now on you can visit Rub & Stub on a Monday too. 

Last updated Wednesday, January 29, 2014