Hans Ibelings Recommends: The Best Architecture Books of the Year

Which architecture books is the best and most interesting of the year? That was the question dac.dk asked art historian, author and editor of The Architecture Observer Hans Ibelings. His answer provides something to suit all tastes. Broad as well as and marginal releases on both well-known and more obscure subjects.

Hans-Ibelings-photo-Mihail-.pngHans Ibelings is an art historian, author, critic and editor of The Architecture Observer. He has published several books, among others "SHIFT. Architecture after the 20th century" about the challenges of architecture in the 21st century.



Rem  Koolhaas: Elements

"I have not dared to read the intimidating books published for the Venice Bienale yet. They are monuments in themselves I think".

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Gyler Mydyti,  Concrete Mushrooms: Reusing Albania's 750.000 abandonned bunkers

"A marginal, but intriguing topic - a kind of opposite of "Cape Cod Modern: Seaside heritage of a different kind" (mentioned later in the article) 

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Clog: Rem 

"I found the Clog Issue about Rem Koolhaas a great read - and not because I'm in it"

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Daniel Golling,  K2S Architects: Beyond the Wall of Sound

"I contributed for this book, although I haven't seen it yet"

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Paul Knox, Atlas of Cities

"The book is published by Princeton and has a very original way to describe urbanization. It is a very beautifully made book and also very instructive".

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David Balzer, Curationism: How Curating Took Over the Art World and Everything Else

"This book about curatorial practices is extremely nice. It is about how curating is taking over the art world and the rest and how every single event, exhibition, publication and whatsoever is curated. I think it is a really sharp and incisive little book which I greatly enjoyed".

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Peter McMahon and Christine Cipriani, Cape Cod Modern:  Mid-Century Architecture and Community on the Outer Cape

"I was there for my holiday and had a look at Cape Cod. It is a kind of marginal release about the modern architecture build by Walter Gropius, Marcel Breuer and later generations and the people who moved out to the coast from Boston. It is not a very important issue, but it deals with a well-researched small subject and I always liked these slightly marginal subjects".

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Diana Balmori, Drawing and Reinventing Landscape

"Diana Balmori is interested in the representations of landscapes in drawings and renderings. She has been experimenting with all these ways of representations which I think is really fascinating. It is a book about landscape but also a book about how landscape is represented.

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Bernard Hulsman, Double Dutch

"It is a book about dutch architecture in the 80's and early 90's. It comes out in an international version in a few weeks. It gives an overview of the glory years of architecture starting in the mid 1980's until today. It is very accessible and often has a contrary perspective on the "super Dutch architecture". It should be appreciated in Denmark as well given your interest in pragmatic approaches".

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Brian Boigon,  We have Impact

"An interesting perspective - original in its form and content - about everyday design seen in a very broad way. It offers a very original way of looking at the everyday life which I greatly appreciate.

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Last updated Thursday, March 26, 2015