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The latest edition of the popular ‘Guide to new architecture in Copenhagen’ is back with 153 examples on the latest constructions, new vibrant neighborhoods and the accelerating urban development. The guidebook will be released on the 27th of June.

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On the 27th of June, the bestselling architecture guide in Denmark 'New Architecture in Copenhagen' will be released. The guide is updated with the latest constructions, public spaces and overall plans for the capital. Copenhagen is going through an accelerating transformation and new building projects reflect on the city and the urban life. The 7th edition of 'Guide to new architecture in Copenhagen' creates a quick overview of the highly innovative architecture - from housing and industrial buildings squares, parks and new urban districts.

The new publication contains a total of 153 projects, whereas 40 are new since the last edition. Furthermore central operators and experts of Copenhagen's development describe the latest trends of the city, the urban life and the architecture in seven interesting interviews. The guide is supplemented with a map, presenting a comprehensive overview when touring city.

Solutions to climate change and new exciting urban spaces

"This guide explores the role architecture has played in the city's development over the past decade, where quality of life and sustainability have topped the agenda in the development of new and established urban districts," says Søren Smidt-Jensen, Project Manager, CITIES, Danish Architecture Centre. The transformation of the city includes the new Nordhavn District developed with a focus on sustainability and visionary climate solutions.

Adaptation to climate change has become a premise when building new and the guidebook contains numerous examples of creative and exciting solutions, for example handling of the large amounts of water that falls during the more frequent cloudbursts we experience: "At Tåsinge Plads, the square at the far end of the Østerbro district, we came up with a very distinctive solution in which the water is recycled for irrigation of the square's greenery, but where all storage of the water has been turned into a recreational feature on the square comprising glass bubbles showing how much water is circulating in the square," says Lykke Leonardsen,  Area Manager, City of Copenhagen's Climate Division, who is one of the interwiewees in the guide.


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A selection of new projects from the architecture guide.




The new Nørreport is not simply a highly efficient traffic hub. It is also a successful public space, in which it is pleasant to spend time, and move around.

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Copenhagen's new cycle bridge The Bicycle Snake will complete the journey over the Bryggebro Bridge, offering Copenhagen's cyclists a fun ride along the harbour and past its tower blocks at first-floor level.

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Papirøen has undergone a transformation from a closed-off industrial area to an open, vibrant urban area: a location for exhibitions, creative businesses, cafés and restaurants, but all on a temporary basis.

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Last updated Wednesday, May 04, 2016