Mind the Earth exhibition opening at COP21 in Paris

The exhibition 'Mind the Earth' that was exhibited at the Danish Architecture Centre at the beginning af 2015 will now be shown during COP21 at La Maison du Danemark in Paris. The exhibition is displayed at La Maison du Danemark from the 27th of November until the 10th of January.

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 Photos: Kasper Brejnholt Bak, Source: Google Earth

'Mind the Earth' exhibition is developed by urban planner Kasper Brejnholt Bak in collaboration with The Danish Architecture Centre. Thorugh selected images from Google Earth, he exhibition shows how the Earth is changing and how diverse, resilient but also vulnerable our planet is. The exhibition was very well received by both the national and international press and featured in Wired, designboom and Bild Zeitung amongst many others.

Kent Martinussen, CEO of The Danish Architecture Centre states:

"We are very pleased that the exhibition in connection with COP21 can now be experienced by an international audience. The fascinating photos of the surfaces of the Earth tell an important story about humankind and the influence of the built environments on the Earth and the climate. At the same time, architecture and sustainable rethinking of our cities is part of the solution. We hope that the exhibition will be an inspiration in this debate, as well as a visual aesthetic experience for the visitors." 

The exhibition 'Mind the Earth' has been further developed with a special focus on Climate Change and will be exhibited from the 26th of November 2015 at La Maison du Danemark in Paris until January 10th 2016. The exhibition is a part of the official COP21 programme. For the last six months, Kasper Brejnholt Bak has been working on finding new images and developing texts that illustrate climate changes.

Kasper Brejnholt Bak states:

"Satellite pictures don't lie, and seeing ourselves with the eye of a satellite lets us understand that we are all part of an intricate pattern. We understand the very real and comprehensive marks we leave on our planet. We understand that it really is ours, and ours to protect". 

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The exhibition has been made possible through support from Rambøll, Grundfos, Beckett-Fonden and Dreyers Fond. 



Last updated Tuesday, March 29, 2016