Sprout Talent Week 2016 was wrapped up with a Grand Final Event

After a long and intensive Sprout Talent Week 2016, the participants, case-owners, and partners all met up Friday the 19th for a grand finale party event in Copenhagen.

How do we Future-Proof our cities? This was the theme of this years Sprout Talent Week, which took place all over Denmark last week. The STW participants joined in on an intensive programme, packed with four major 5-day 'case-labs' in four different locations across Denmark as well as a number of side events in Copenhagen. All week, the participants collaborated with the case-owners - the municipalites of Haderslev, Egedal, Gellerup, and Glostrup Station - to develop new solutions related to climate adaption, social programming, city branding, and city planning.

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The solutions developed throughout the week were presented to the case-owners and a jury comprised of professional experts within the respective areas. The jury provided feedback on the four lab solutions. The event was wrapped up with drinks, networking and socializing.

See how the day went down here:


Photo: Sarah Riisager

Presentation of Case #1 - Jomfrustien in Haderslev. (From the left) participant Andy Minchev, Moderator, Morten Jastrup and Chief Executive Of Haderslev Municipality, Willy Feddesen.


Photo: Sarah Riisager

Presentation of Case #2 - Egedal. (From the left) participants and Second deputy mayor of Egedal Municipality, Ib Sørensen.


Photo: Sarah Riisager

Presentation of Case #3 - Made in Gellerup. The participants of Case #3.


Photo: Sarah Riisager

Presentation of Case #4 - Glostrup. The participants of Case #4 and moderator Morten Jastrup. 


Photo: Sarah Riisager

Job well done!


Photo: Sarah Riisager

Party time!

Last updated Friday, August 26, 2016