Elsinore wants to modernise the historic Customs Office with inspiration from Danish and international students

The historic Customs Office, dating from 1864, is to be given a new lease of life. That is why Danish and international students of architecture, urban planning and design were invited to SPROUT DAYLAB in the ancient customs town of the Øresund, Elsinore.

sprout day lab 3 nyhed banner

Photo: The Danish Architecture Centre

The old warehouse building is located in the heart of Elsinore. Until 1976, it was used as the town's Customs Office. Since then the building has been used as a cultural centre. However, even though today the Customs Office is a venue for many different activities and provisions for the citizens of the town, Elsinore Municipality does not believe that the building has yet reached its full potential. With this problem in mind, 10 Danish and international students worked hard and efficiently for a whole day to come up with some innovative proposals for how, in the future, the building can live up to the desired ambitions and create a larger community for Elsinore.

The participants' proposals were developed via brainstorming and concept-development processes and presented visually in the form of creative models and sketches, which they had built and drawn in the course of the day. To provide the participants with a solid basis for presenting their proposals to the municipality, Benny Jepsen of Bureau Detours was invited to describe what a good presentation should contain and how to structure it. 

day lab 3 modeller

Photo: The Danish Architecture Centre

There was a huge range of ideas, but the main focus was on changing the courtyard into a place for people to hang out in, encouraging diversity and conviviality. Proposals for a solution included visual attractions in the form of light and colours and implementing a number of green areas in the yard. Another proposal involved a building with more focus on transparency - in other words easily accessible to visitors and providing an easy overview of what activities are going on. The proposal also suggested the possibility of making the public areas more open and incorporating more options for creative activities.

The participants' proposals were met with a great deal of praise from the staff of the Customs Office and Elsinore Municipality. They were very impressed with what the participants had achieved in the course of just a single day's work. 

Sprout day lab 3 præsentation

Photo: The Danish Architecture Centre

Last updated Tuesday, November 01, 2016