Participants from Sprout Talent Week presented at Egedal town hall

Thursday September 8 Egedal municipality had invited the participants from their case to present the solutions developed during Sprout Talent Week for the planning, technical and environmental comittee.

Egedal sprout præsentation

After being welcomed by the mayor and 14 hopeful city councillors, the team presented their results of working with citizen understanding, development of personas, strategic planning, as well as their answer to a concept that can be the foundation of the development of Egedal city. The presentation offered specific suggestions about a recreational path, the opening of an existing stream, an entrepreneur HUB, city gardens as recreational functions and a digital network for co-construction and development across the citizens of the municipality.

The team's ideas resulted in a curious debate with additional questions for the proposed solutions and they received great credit for focusing on relevant and realizable solutions for the future. As a city councilor concluded:

"I think it is exciting and brilliant, and it evoked thoughts in many of us"

Egedal sprout præsentation 2

Last updated Tuesday, September 13, 2016