OPEN CALL: cases wanted for Sprout Talent Week 2017

Do you need input to develop an urban area, should the purpose of the local school be reconsidered, or could the hospital take on a new role? The Danish Architecture Centre (DAC) is seeking four current building or urban planning challenges for this year's Sprout Talent Week. These challenges will be the subject of innovative solutions developed by talented students and young professionals.

Realdania, the Danish Architecture Centre and a number of partners are now seeking interested case-owners for Sprout Talent Week 2017. Maybe it's you, your business, your municipality, or a building owner you know? Sprout Talent Week aims to inspire and develop growth within the construction and urban development sector. Interdisciplinary collaboration is the focus as we believe collaboration across value chains creates robust and more innovative solutions to complex future challenges.

Each year, supported by Realdania, DAC organises and conducts a Talent Week based on a specific thematic. This allows students and young professionals within construction, urban planning and related subjects to actively develop innovative solutions to 'on the ground' challenges presented by case owners in the field of construction and urban development.

  • Participants of Sprout Talent Week are grouped into four interdisciplinary teams. They comprise of 15-20 participants, acting as innovation labs for each case.
  • Each innovation lab is led by a professional team leader and an advisory board of technical experts and innovators from the industry. Participants work together to develop a unique solution, with the team leader and advisory board providing professional 'sparring' and ensuring quality throughout.
  • Innovation labs run from Monday 30 October to Friday 3 November at their respective case locations. The week finishes with a final event in Copenhagen, where all cases and solutions are pitched and pressure tested by an expert jury.

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The theme for this year's Sprout Talent Week is sustainable development, based on the UN's 17 Sustainable Development agenda goals. Sprout Talent Week represents an opportunity for DAC and its partners to be an active part of Denmark's contribution to achieve the global sustainable development agenda. Through the four case challenges, and the developed solutions, Sprout Talent Week provides the potential to positively influence global urban development.

It can be difficult to distinguish right from wrong in the mass of initiatives that will presumably will help solve some of the 17 global sustainable development goals: Does it help to sort garbage? Do we even have climate and poverty problems in Denmark? Yes, is the short answer!

Global goal 14 (life below water) is based for example, on the biodiversity of the oceans, but this is also directly relevant for the approximately 100,000 residents in western Jutland, which will be affected by water level challenges in Limfjorden - a challenge that in the long term threatens several Danish cities. Global goal 10 (reduced inequalities) addresses both, inequalities on a global scale, but also social mobility in Denmark, which is strongly declining as represented by one-third of lower class children not managing to break societal barriers and thus end up categorised as lower class adults.


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We are looking for

Case-owners (companies, municipalities, building owners and other relevant actors) from across the country who want solutions to their own complex challenges. Such challenges may relate to the management of social, technological and physical future proofing of Danish cities and urban environments. The main criterion is that the case must be highly relevant and that the given solutions have the opportunity to be considered for implementation in a concrete decision-making process. We are looking for case-owners who want to take ownership of their innovation lab and to be a part of the exciting Sprout Talent Week 2017.

As a case owner you recieve...

  • access to a talented network of interdisciplinary students and recent graduates from home and abroad, which represent the future workforce and knowledge resource. 
  • an advisory board that is tailored to the challenge and ensures professional and solution-focused coaching. An advisory boards consist of a team of innovation partners from the building industry, educational partners from research and resource partners with either local involvement or strategic interests in the challenge.
  • an international team leader who designs and facilitates the week in which participants work on your proposed case challenge.
  • a complete solution to your case challenge, which subsequently can be implemented.
  • national and local media coverage, reporting and dissemination of your case challenge and given solutions. Your name and brand logo will be included on all relevant materials.
  • a series of events that publicise your case and an implementation event, where local media and citizens are invited to directly interact with the potential implementation process of your case solution.

Final event TW16 2

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As a case owner you commit to...

  • framing your challenge in a specific and concrete case and sharing relevant data with the participants.
  • host your case's innovation lab, comprising 15-20 participants in week 44 - you should provide premises near the case location, provide food and accommodation for the participants and ensure access to key stakeholders who can qualify participants' work on the case.
  • help DAC to set up a partnership around the case, comprising of local and national partners with an interest in the case - this includes supporting partners both in terms of hours and financing.
  • present the case and contribute to an advisory board meeting before the summer, where the case will be 'cut to size' so that it can be communicated clearly to the participants.
  • present the case and participants of Sprout Talent Week at an implementation event (post Talent Week) in November, where we invite citizens and others interested to discuss how the case solution can be implemented and inspire other places.

TW16 final event

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Deadline for Case owners is March 15, 2017 - DO you want to know more or propose your case, please contact Project Manager Anne Grave at or +45 2485 7734

>> Download pdf with informations here (DK)

>> Download pdf with information here (UK)

Last updated Tuesday, April 11, 2017