Copenhagen Solutions in Singapore

Exhibition at the URA Centre - Urban Redevelopment Authority, Singapore, from 7 August - 31 October 2012.


From 7 August - 31 October 2012 at the URA Centre - Urban Redevelopment Authority, Singapore

How do we create green growth while improving urban living?

From the revitalisation of industrial areas to creative architecture and an ambitious climate action plan, Copenhagen Solutions presents the city's latest sustainable solutions that makes it greener and more liveable.

Through photos, facts and a multitude of Copenhagen's architecture projects the exhibition presents the many solutions that are not only making Copenhagen a greener and more livable city but are also inspiring urban development worldwide.

Copenhagen, Denmark, is a Special Mention of the Lee Kuan Yew World City Prize 2012, along with five other cities.

More information about Copenhagen Solutions (pdf) / Copenhagen Solutions Exhibition Invitation (pdf)

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Copenhagen Solutions is developed by The Danish Architecture Centre for Copenhagen Solutions
- a public private partnership of the City of Copenhagen and Realdania. The exhibition held at the URA Centre is proudly sponsored by the Ministry of Culture Denmark and The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore, and is an initiative that promotes Architecture and Urban Design Excellence.


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