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A new exhibition at the Danish Architecture Centre shows housing created by the distinguished, Japanese architectural company Atelier Bow-Wow that has specialized in making use of the limited space in the metropolis of Tokyo.

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Photo: Atelier Bow-Wow

IKEA has known it for many years - most apartments in the city need creative solutions to make space for everything. In much the same way the distinguished, Japanese architectural company Bow-Wow has innovatively stretched the limits of how we can build and live in the city - e.g. can two families by sharing kitchen, bathroom and court yard live comfortably in a 55 m2 house? The exhibition in Danish Architecture Centre shows five housing projects that challenge our way of thinking about functions, community and square metres.  

New communities and functions

Atelier Bow-Wow builds houses where you would not think there was enough space. Sandwiched between other existing buildings they experiment with the orientation towards the community, how the dwelling can be combined with other functions and how more people can live under the same roof. These are premises that are a matter of course in traditional Japanese architecture but which have been rejected due to the focus on the nuclear family and the division of functions that have characterized the architecture of the 20th century.

City housing of the future?

Atelier Bow-Wow is inspired by the many micro buildings in Tokyo which they call 'pet architecture' these buildings add a cosy and relaxed atmosphere to the city compared to the high-risers.

Atelier Bow-Wow has gained a lot of international attention in the past years and there is a good explanation for this.

"Cities around the world are growing in population which is creating a challenge in the years to come: how can we live more people within the same space whilst securing quality and sociality in architecture. Atelier Bow-Wow has some interesting ideas connected to this that we're looking forward to present to a Danish and international audience" Rasmus Rune Nielsen, Program Director, Danish Architecture Centre.

About the exhibition

Atelier Bow-Wow: City Housing of the Future?

Exhibition period: June 4 - August 29. Danish Architecture Centre - free admission.

The exhibition consists of 5 projects by Atelier Bow-wow that are illustrated through photos, drawings, models and text telling about the projects.

The exhibition is supported by Realdania, The Japan Foundation and Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond.

Danish Architecture Centre

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