Rethink your city!

The city surrounding us has the potential to be much more, and to be used in new ways. Rooftops can become urban gardens with vegetables, bees and chickens. The gloomy area under a bridge can be turned into an outdoor cinema. The exhibition, Reprogramming the City at the Danish Architecture Centre presents a number of projects from around the world, which rethink urban spaces creatively and inspire visitors to do the same.

Lysterapi - reprogramming the city

Foto: Ola Bergengren

Our cities contain a vast storeroom of unexploited resources in the spaces and things, which are associated with the city's existing functions. They were created with a single function in mind, but what else could they do, or be used for? Can we use what we already have in new ways? Instead of viewing the city as the end product of a creative process, it might be the start of a new one. The exhibition,Reprogramming the Cityinvestigates a new wave of urban creativity and ingenuity. In the past, people moved away from the town, when they had children and enough money to buy a house. But today it has become attractive to live in a town or city, and this places new demands on them.

We hope that the exhibition,Reprogramming the Citywill inspire people to take a creative look at their towns and cities and give everyone pleasure. We are also "taking a taste of our own medicine" by giving six students with different academic backgrounds the freedom to reprogramme the square in front of the Danish Architecture Centre to make it a pleasant place to pass the time of day - even when it's windy or raining. You will also be able to witness this reprogramming of the square during the exhibition period.

Martin Winther, Experience Communication Manager, Danish Architecture Centre

Light therapy at the bus stop

The exhibition includes examples of projects in 1:1, which rethink the town: e.g. get an injection of new energy at a bus stop, which provides light therapy instead of advertising; or enjoy a glass of water from a billboard that converts humidity into drinking water. Those two projects come from Umeå and Lima, but there are also a number of Danish projects represented in the exhibition: e.g.The City Fencehas been moved from a Metro construction site into the Danish Architecture Centre! The fence is an excellent example of how to rethink construction sites so they acquire a new, more positive function in the city, when like this example they are turned into exhibition spaces for art projects etc.

What do we mean by "reprogramming"?

The exhibition has been curated by the urbanist/curator, Scott Burnham. In a different form, the exhibition was previously shown at the Boston Society of Architects (BSA). Scott Burnham has curated over 30 exhibitions around the world and also has his own urban design firm, where he concentrates precisely on "reprogramming":

To reprogramme means modifying an existing object, structure, or system to serve a different purpose than its original intention; By realizing the potential stored within the city's structures, systems and surfaces, we have the ability to solve some of the most pressing urban problems by using what we already have in new ways. The initiatives I've created over the years seek to develop a new relationship with urbanity by designing with the city, not for it.

Scott Burnham, curator of Reprogramming the City.

The exhibiton is supported by Realdania. Metroselskabet, AFA JCDecaux og Juliana are collaborators of the exhibition.  


Press preview for 'Reprogramming the City' will be held Wednesday 1 October at 11.00 AMat the Danish Architecture Centre. At the press preview the curator of the exhibition, Scott Burnham will present the exhibition(in English) and will be available for questions. Sign up for the press preview by contacting Kristina Neel, tlf. 2365 4045.

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Exhibition: Reprogramming the City

The exhibition is on show from 1 October 20141 to 4 January 2015 at Danish Architecture Centre, Strandgade 27B, 1401 Copenhagen K, Denmark. Entry: 40 DKK. Opening event 1 October at 4 pm - read more here. In relation to the exhibition there will also be held a number of events e.g. lectures on urban creativity and workshops for children 'LEGO® architect - shake the city. Read more at

Curator: Scott Burnham

Scott Burnham is an urban strategist and design director who has created and directed urban initiatives in 11 cities worldwide. He leads a multi-disciplinary research, design and strategy studio that "transforms existing infrastructures into sites where people can experiment with new technologies, experience new ways of imagining the city and generate new social relations that alter the urban lexicon."

In addition to his strategy and design engagements, Burnham has curated more than 30 exhibitions in eight cities and five countries on topics spanning architecture, urban culture, design and urban innovation. He is the author ofFinding the Truth in Systems: In Praise of Design Hacking,and a contributor to a number of publications. In recognition of his work, Burnham was made a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce in London in 2010.

Danish Architecture Centre

The Danish Architecture Centre (DAC) is Denmark's national centre for the development and dissemination of knowledge about architecture, building and urban development. Our goal is to create broad interest in architecture, to clear the way for new ideas traversing traditional boundaries and to show how architecture creates cultural and economic assets for people, the industry and society.We offer a wide range of professional and cultural activities, including exhibitions, professionalisation,seminars, guided tours in the city, etc. Most of the projects we carry out are performed in conjunction with Danish and international partners who share our visions.

Press photos

Cascade Hong Kong - reprogramming the cuty

Cascade, Hong Kong

Edge Design Institute

Foto: Scott Burnham


Lysterapi - reprogramming the city


Umea, Sverige

Ola Bergengren


under broen, reprogramming the city

Under the Bridge

Stockholm, Sverige

Foto: Vision Division


urban air, reprogramming the city

Urban Air

Los Angeles, USA

Foto: Stephen Glassman 


Water billboard, reprogramming the city

Utec water billboard 

Lima, Peru

Foto: UTEC/ MayoDraftfcb



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