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Danish Architecture Centre is present on a wide spread of Social Medias - here can you see where, and how to stay in touch and connect with us.


Danish Architecture centre

Danish Architecture Centre - Facebook

See pictures; get updates about arrangements, and read news that are relevant for all who wishes to follow the different movements in architecture. We are primarily posting about our own arrangements and news, but there will are also be occasional recommendations and other relevant offers.

Danish Architecture Centre - Linkedin

Get updates on news and arrangements for the architect- and construction industry. We also posts job openings on LinkedIn.  

@danisharchitecturecentre - Instagram

See pictures of The Danish Architecture Centre, updates from our events and exhibitions. You can also add your own pictures from visits to the Danish Architecture Centre by using the hashtag #danskarkitekturcenter and #danisharchitecturecentre on Instagram. Updates are primarily in English. 

@DACdotDK - Twitter

We share news, events and listen to #dkark  #dkbyg  #architecture etc. Updates are in both Danish and English.

Danish Architecture Centre - Youtube

See videos of exhibitions, lectures and workshops in The Danish Architecture Center as well as of interesting new architecture and urban development in and around Copenhagen.   

Dansk Arkitektur Center - Foursquare

See other people's reviews, get tips for visiting Danish Architecture Centre and check-in and add tips when you yourself, visit us at Strandgade 27b, København.

Dansk Arkitektur Center - Yelp 

See others' reviews of the Danish Architecture Centre and make your own recommendations about Danish Architecture Centre when you visit us.

Dansk Arkitektur Center - Tripadvisor

See other people's reviews of the Danish Architecture Centre, and make your own review after you visit us. 




DACprofessional is Danish Architecture Centre's new profile both on Facebook and Twitter and is for all professionals together with others with interest within architecture, construction and urban development. This is where you can get relevant information about our events and also get knowledge, inspiration and news about the industry.

DACprofessional - Facebook

@DACprofessional - Twitter



Sustainable Cities

Sustainable Cities / Bæredygtige Byer - LinkedIn

Take part in the debate and share knowledge with other professionals within city planning and -development. Updates are primarily in English. Facebook cover m logo

ARCSPACE.COM is a big international online architecture magazine. is run and operated by the Danish Architecture Centre. was founded in 1999 by architect and independent curator Kirsten Kiser who handed over to DAC in 2012. Here you can e.g. see pictures from the Danish Pavillion, when the Venice Biennale is happening. 

ARCSPACEbydac - Instagram

arcspace - Facebook

arcspace - Pinterest





Deleby (The shared city) is a nationwide partnership, created to explore the sharing economies potential for the danish cities and community. Deleby unites danish municipalities, compagnies, citizens, professionals and associations in order to create new ideas and business models for the shared cities. 

@Deleby_DAC - Twitter

Deleby - Facebook

Follow our Facebook page 'Deleby', which is an online gathering point for knowledge and debates regarding how we together can create better cities. Updates are only in Danish.  




SUSTAINABLE BUILD is a collaboration between The Danish Industry Foundation, Danish Architecture Centre, The Danish Business Authority Green Business Development, and Leaderlab who aims to promote sustainable growth within the construction industry.

@SusBuild - Twitter

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