DAC set fra vandsiden


And how does architecture address challenges such as climate change, urbanisation, and social segregation?

These are the big questions on our minds here at The Danish Architecture Centre.

Through changing exhibitions, events and guided tours around Copenhagen, we invite you to go beyond the architecture, the models and the drawings to find out with us. 

The city is our biggest exhibition

With the city as our biggest exhibition - on our guided city tours, you can experience why Copenhagen and other Danish cities are praised around the world for their visionary way of combining liveability, growth and sustainability.

We bring you closer to the buildings, the urban spaces, the people who live here, and the people who created it all. Join one of our guided weekend tours when you are in town - or you can book in advance >

A new Danish Architecture Centre

In 2018 the Danish Architecture Centre will move into the building called BLOX, which is being build by the Danish philantropic association Realdania next to the Black Diamond on Copenhagen’s waterfront. BLOX has been designed by the world-famous Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas/Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA).

CEO Kent Martinussen, Danish Architecture Centre about the project:

"It has been wonderfully inspiring for the Danish Architecture Centre, together with Rem Koolhaas/OMA and Realdania, to create the framework for this 21st century architecture and urban development centre.

OMA have also created interior conditions for the Danish Architecture Centre, which will set a whole new international standard for the involvement of the public in the propagation of architecture and urban development. 

For example, the building provides completely new options for the creation of major exhibitions and events, as well as unique facilities for educational programmes for schoolchildren and students, directly connected to outdoor play and teaching environments.

BLOX represents an exceptional opportunity for Denmark to have, at last, a world-class architecture centre, which can reflect the Danish architectural tradition."

More about BLOX and the new DAC >